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Domestic dramas V

Green Eye Cat

Doomed.  I shall be spending this entire year writing about domestic malfunctions.  Who’d want to live my life?

On the plus side, yay, the hoist is repaired.  Colour me happy; happy EaZyD and ecstatic carers.  Am thinking to train new carers on back-up hoist just so they will be thrilled to use main hoist.  Hold on to the happy, say I.

Sadly, the new washing machine remains notable by its’ absence but we have been notified that it’s on the way.  No date for installation yet, though, so no happy here.

Worse, the Big B (my Balder wheelchair) is still having a problem.  Etac back out this week. OMG.  This might be seriously expensive.  Dreading this so not a lotta happy going on.

Worser than worse: Kone.  My lift repair.  My email says all:

Much to my dismay, your engineers came yesterday only to find that the wrong part had been ordered.  Given that:

  • I agreed to replace this part last December – in a series of emails, dated 20/21 December, for repair of two malfunctioning doors
  • At the end of March, your engineer turned up with one part for one door and assured me that the other – currently malfunctioning – was fine
  • On the 4th July, I reported that, contrary to the March/April assurance from yourselves, the door opening was not fine
  • On the 11 July, I was told the part was due in that week when it subsequently became clear it had not even been ordered,
  • This week, I was assured the part was in and would be fitted.

To say that I am dismayed would be an understatement as I enter month eight of what should surely be a simple like-for-like replacement of a discrete, separable part that was identified in December as a problem, that I agreed to pay for repair and, yet, here I am in AUGUST, having suffered months of constraint on my daily living, having lost hours on chasing calls and emails, with a lift door that is NOT REPAIRED.

I am sure you sense my frustration as the much-vaunted service of which Kone boast has very clearly not worked to support me in my hours (… days, weeks and months) of need.

May I ask you to investigate and get back to me on what is happening or a contact name for someone who will be able to help me as a matter of some priority?

There is no happy place with this … not at all.  Any advice, given that, being reasonable, funny, shouty, snide and hysterical is not working?  Am at my wits end …

(1st posted on SW Archive site: 2013)

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