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Stiletto Wheels moved to this web address in August 2013.

From September 2013, my writing on living life – with chronic illness, laughs, tears and love – as it changes from being that of ‘stiletto heels’ to ‘stiletto wheels’ is all posted here.

My archived writing – December 1997 to August 2013 –  documenting the, er, ‘highlights’ of my illness-induced dramatic lifestyle change from the start, may be found on my previous site, now the Stiletto Wheels Archive, which is broadly similar in style and easy to navigate.

If it might be of interest, do please follow the link and explore how I have been managing to live life with a profoundly disabling neurological illness.  I would never assume it would be specifically helpful but just knowing others of us are out there felt good to me, especially as I felt so alone, struggling with neurological illness, in the early years.

I welcome all feedback that you might care to give, either here or via the links you will see on the archived site.

The only cross-site duplication is in my re-posting of a few test items as I set this blog up [all referenced to the original] and a chronology of health updates, from the beginning, to give some background context to new readers who clicked on this newer site first and might like a synopsis of my history.

A full listing of this current blog’s re-posted health updates is on the Health Archive Summary.  All of my previously archived Health Matters posts (1997-2013) are on the Stiletto Wheels Archive pages.

I hope you enjoy your ride with me and my wheels.

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