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Stiletto Wheels

Welcome to Stiletto Wheels, my blog on managing dramatic, illness-induced, lifestyle change, aka:

how to transition life from ‘stiletto heels’ to ‘stiletto wheels’ with  tantrums, tears, laughter and a shiny new life perspective along the way.

If you are interested in reading more about my illness and the impact it has on my life, a good chronological place to start is in my Health Archive.  Other than that, please choose from the menu above, dive right in to suit yourself or maybe flick to my brief background page first.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and would love to hear any comments you might have.

Ever optimistic, I continue to believe that it is possible to …

lead a fabulous life

in heels

on wheels.

If you’d like to help me sustain stylish fabulousness through life’s unexpected transitional moments, do take a look at, and contribute to, my lifestyle blog, Plus Black: sharing individual style for inspiring women.


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8 Responses to “About”

  1. faithmccord

    Hi Elle, nice to meet you 🙂 I’m a new subscriber to your blog.

    I’ve been disabled with severe chronic pain for almost 8 years now. Mainly due to medical negligence – despite numerous visits and being treated as a drama queen, GPs didn’t correctly diagnose and re-align my hips after a dislocation. For seven months I was in agony until a private physio put me right, but even then I wasn’t given the right care…long story which I won’t go into here!

    • Elle, StilettoWheels & PlusBlack

      Hello Faith, sorry for my late reply but I have been struggling with my own health difficulties and unable to keep up with my blog for the past few months.

      This is just to say that it’s lovely to meet you too and thank you for taking an interest in, and following, my blog.

      So sorry to hear about your own health difficulties and I do hope you are in an improved quality of life period now.

      All the best, Elle 😉

  2. Emma Cooray

    Hi Elle,

    I’m working at Uber, where we recently launched uberWAV (wheelchair accessible service) in the UK, and would love to speak to you in more detail on how we could work together. You should be able to find my email attached to this, hopefully I’ll hear back from you soon!

    Have a lovely day (despite the weather!)

    Best wishes,

    Emma Cooray
    Regional Partnerships Associate, Marketing UK&I
    | uber.com

    • Elle, StilettoWheels & PlusBlack

      Hi Emma,

      UnerWAV seems like a great idea and I wish you every success with it. If I get a chance to try it out in the future, I certainly will.

      Meantime, I’m happy to post a piece on my blog about uberWAV for those who might be interested but my ill-health restricts me from doing more than this.

      I’d recommend, if you haven’t already, that you contact Fiona Jarvis at Blue Badge Style or The Disability Horizons website – set up by Martyn Sibley. These are more commercial blogs, with a wider readership, promoting services to wheelchair users and other disabled people.

      Thanks for your interest and I really do hope uberWAV is a huge success as my previous experiences with London black cabs – supposedly accessible – has been poor. It would be wonderful to have another wheelchair users option.

      Kind regards, Elle

  3. Deborah Connors

    Dear Elle
    I sustained a spinal cord injury in May 2015 – I have been reading your blog ever since.
    I read of course your problems with pressure sores. My skin is very fragile and I recently had a disastrous pressure sore down to the bone and infected
    Five months in hospital resulted. The good news is that it healed naturally and quite strongly. Beside bed rest I recommend Arginaid- it helped progress healing. It can also be used once pressure sore is healed to help maintain skin integrity.
    Apologies if you already have this in your arsenal.

    • Elle, StilettoWheels & PlusBlack

      Hi Deborah,

      Thank you so much for letting me know about Arginaid. It is new to me and I will definitely look into it.

      Your pressure sore problem sounds very similar to my own as does the fragile skin issue – mine caused by 2 decades of high-dose steroids which really doesn’t help the healing process.

      What a pain these things are, right, in every sense of that word?

      I’m really pleased to hear that you like my blog. There is something reassuring about not going through this stuff alone, isn’t there?

      I hope your spinal injury is manageable enough to allow you to rock on with life and all the good things in it, as I’m always banging on about 😀

      Thanks again for your interest and thoughtful suggestion and please stay in touch. It’s lovely to hear from you.

      Take care and best wishes, Elle 😀

  4. Simon Carter

    Hi Elle, just found you via my heroine, Melanie Reid. I am disappointed with the appearance of your blog in relation to accessibility. For people with poor eyesight you use very small print in an indistinct colour. You may wish to contact the RNIB about making your site more accessible to all https://www.rnib.org.uk/rnib-business/website-and-apps


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