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Advertising and Disability

Two ads, two different approaches to disability inclusion.

In the Add-Victor campaign, above, disability is presented as something ‘normal’ and part of the mainstream.

In the Guinness campaign, below, the issue seems to be more about making able-bodied people feel good about themselves – ugh! that melodramatic music and voiceover – pat  yourselves on the back, guys, let your wheelie-buddy tag along and have a Guinness as a reward.  Aren’t you the ‘bomb’?

I can see what Guinness were trying to do, and, sigh, appreciate the intent but I don’t think this ticks the boxes they were hoping for.

I’d suggest Guinness take a look at the Add-Victor campaign and get back to the drawing board.  What do you think?

2 Responses to “Advertising and Disability”

  1. Emily Ladau

    I was beyond DELIGHTED to read this post. I have similar feelings and also blogged about it. It stirred up quite a controversy.


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