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Glancing through Suzi Godson’s Sex Counsel column in The Times today, 14 September 2013, I read this suggestion [just a part of the full response which is behind a paywall] to a woman whose boyfriend seemed to be suffering a ‘performance’ problem:

Although I’m fairly sure your boyfriend’s problem is common performance anxiety, I should point out that continual erectile failure in a young man can indicate underlying health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or vascular disease.

One way to identify whether your boyfriend’s issue is physical or psychological is to test whether he has spontaneous nocturnal or morning erections. You can do this by wrapping a strip of four to six perforated postage stamps around the shaft of his flaccid penis before he goes to sleep. Overlap the stamps, moisten and seal one end over the other and make sure he wears snug underpants during the night.

If, in the morning, the stamp circle has broken, his problem is almost certainly psychological but if the strip is intact after three consecutive nights, he needs to see a GP.

Er, this would be instead of just asking him about it?  And, um, might he not wonder exactly what you were doing with the strip of stamps, and why, or would he ask no questions  … for three days?!

Not exactly 50 Shades, is it?

Weeping laughing here …

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