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Hix Mayfair at Browns Hotel

Chef's hat

EaZyD had a few days off last week and we booked to go for a late lunch at Restaurant Story – it’s been open five months and everything I’ve read about it has been good.

Wouldn’t you know it? Come the day: come the gridlock.  Local traffic was all good but in Central London … who knows what happened?  We got stuck at the back of the British Museum and, as the clock ticked remorselessly on, knew we wouldn’t make it.  No hope.  No how.  (We’ve rebooked towards the end of October).

Trying to make the best of it – yes, we’re pretty good at that! – wanting somewhere with minimum hassle, we rang Hix Mayfair where we’ve been before, and, yay, they were open to 2.45pm for lunch.  It was 1.53pm at that point and, with just a couple of miles to cover … easy, we thought, even with the traffic.

It took us 45 minutes to get there.  Good grief.  Driving in London can be such a pain and the congestion charge – no deterrent whatsoever.  Bummer for those of us with no choice but to take the car.

You know how you go out, hoping for a relaxing time, and you get to wherever with a raging temper on?  That was us.

Fortunately, on a Wednesday and this late, Browns and Hix Mayfair were not busy.  With pavements wide enough to unload onto, there’s an entrance on Albemarle Street with one step and Browns have a ramp even for that.  I actually think I could do this entrance in my Balder (I was in the manual chair because access at Restaurant Story was untested and best not to risk an access issue).  The guys on the doors could not be more helpful or pleasant. Ditto for the retaurant staff.

The restaurant itself is lighter and brighter than it looks in the images on its site.  Able to choose our own table – easy wheeling in lots of space – as the dining room emptied around us, D and I slowly unwound with a little alcohol and some really good food.  I had some lovely smoked salmon to start, followed by monkfish and a yummy plum crumble.  D sampled the game and crumble.  Huge winner, crumble, at this time of year, no?

Eschewing the new and trendy, Hix is the type of restaurant that I am turning to more and more – comfort, quality and nice people as well as good access … and it’s just around the corner from The Royal Academy and Old Bond Street shopping.  Thoroughly recommend it for unwinding over a long leisurely lunch.  If you know of similar such restaurants, I’d love to hear of them, wherever they may be.

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