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Promove Slings

One of the biggest hassles for those of us who cannot stand is being stuck in our wheelchairs – or, even worse, being bed bound – and, of course, life is not always easily lived from the seat of one wheelchair/bed.

Just ponder on the practical difficulties of this – getting up, going to bed, dressing, bathing, toileting not to mention ‘luxury’ tasks like getting on/off of a plane or essential movements in emergency situations.

Where we control our environment, most of us use a one-carer-operated hoist – mobile or fixed – to facilitate such transfers but sometimes the unexpected happens – maybe even a simple breakdown – or we are forced to function in a space that is unsuitable for these assistive devices.

In this instance, anyone who cannot stand will have to be physically lifted.  For most adults – lifter and liftee – this is a nightmare scenario.  Have you ever tried to lift a heavily paralysed person?  It’s a multi-lifter job, a nightmare of embarrassment for all, shifting inert difficult weight and further compounded for many by fragile bones and severe pain.  And’s that’s without getting into physical size issues or assistive devices which may be damaged/painfully yanked off in the process …

The indignity, pain and agony, risk and humiliation are a huge deterrent for so many of us that, having experienced it a few times, we just cut back on getting into these situations which often means less moving about, less going out, less holidays, less flying … less life.

Okay, now you’re wondering where I’m going with this, right?  Promove lifting slings – that’s where I’m at.  Check them out.  I quote:

Since 2007, the ergonomically designed and unique Promove sling has offered a solution that allows a disabled person to be moved with ease, while providing handlers to means of distributing the load between several, thereby reducing the load on each of them.

The emergency services have discovered that Promove slings are ideal for transferring a person who is not weight bearing into a carrying chair or stretcher, or extricating them from a restricted location.

It’s not going to solve all your problems but these slings look like a really good practical idea.  As well as child to adult sizes, they’ve got extension straps, carrier bags and … other stuff.

I’m thinking I should get one and just bung it in the boot so it’s there whenever I’m out.  I do hope they come in black as I hate all these stupid bright colours used on assistive aids – ye gods, like we don’t stand out enough when things go wrong, we need neon lights to flag it up!

Have you got one of these?  If so, would love to know how you’re getting on with it. If not, check them out: Promove Lifting Slings.

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