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Flexzi for iPads

Meru on Stiletto Wheels Blog

Flexzi Max

I saw these cute Flexzi stands for kids who can’t easily hold their computer gadgets – iPads, phones, games consoles, remotes and so on.  Fabulous idea to assist disabled kids in keeping up with all types of modern technology that they might otherwise be unable to use easily.  Please pass on to anyone relevant that you know.

But hey, why should kids have all the fun?  I am thinking of getting one – in grown-up black, naturally – for myself.

With both numbness and weakness in my neurologically deficient hands and fingers, at the moment, I view my iPad from under an avalanche of tray, pillow and cushions to get it high enough for my neck to be comfortable.  I can’t use it at all in my wheelchair or study for fear it will slip from my unfeeling hands and plummet to the floor and, eek, be smashed to smithereens.  My life would be … so lacking without it.

The Flexzi may be the solution – with a velcro or screw-on base, a whole new iPad world may be opened to me.

The Flexvi2 seems to be the iPad appropriate choice – a mere £54.

Has anyone got one?  Please let me know how it is for you?

Buy the Flexzi and a host of other cute Meru products from their site or from their Really Useful Stuff store.

Join me, and others, in giving your support to the development of good looking disability equipment.

Meru on Stiletto Wheels Blog

Flexzi Zoom

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