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Coriolanus At The Donmar

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Still giggling every time I think of the rapturous standing ovation, complete with teen-girly squeals, given at the end of Coriolanus at The Donmar last weekend.

All down to Tom Hiddleston, of course – aka Loki in the current rash of Marvel Studios blockbusters which include Thor and The Avengers, aka ‘the sexiest man alive’.

Actually, he’s been in a ton of other things and is a halfway decent actor if not my idea of ‘the sexiest man alive’ (don’t make me choose one …).  I do hope his teen fans appreciated his Coriolanus in what was a reasonably gripping production of this – not my favourite – Shakespeare play.

I thought the standout performance came from Deborah Findlay as Volumnia – really powerful acting – but I was a little disappointed with the other actor many were there to see: Birgitte Hjort Sorenson, known from the TV series Borgen.  She played Virgilia, Coriolanus’ wife – not a huge role but some actors seem able to make something of it.  For me, she did not.

Overall, I thought it was worth seeing but it didn’t blow me away.  Definitely wouldn’t want to have missed the ending with the girly screams of appreciation – even the beautiful spectacle of Jude Law in a great production of Anna Christie, a year or two back, didn’t muster this response!

Love The Donmar as a theatre.  It’s small so performances are intimate and close up which can really add to the enjoyment.  For a wheelchair user, it is accessible with a ramped, one step, entrance and a lift to all floors.

I would say though, with the ramp down, the room to manouevre at the entrance is limited and access to the lift seems tight.  I’ve always gone in my manual chair as I’m not sure I could manage in the longer length of my Balder (width is fine, it’s just length that looks tricky to me).  Maybe I’ll give it a try one day. Anyone else gone big powerchair there?

Totally recommend a visit though the teens appear to have snapped up all the tickets for Coriolanus – actually wheelchair spaces might still be available.  Worth asking maybe …

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