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It never stops pouring …

Stiletto Wheels Bird

The Caged Bird

Rain is everyone’s go-to for misery analogy, no?  And, hey, if a bandwagon’s passing–

Whilst the rest of country is looking forward to Spring, Summer and somewhat less rain than we’ve been getting to date, those of us with severe mobility impairments tend to find rain is a pretty permanent fixture in our lives.  The sun is notable only by its’ absence.

Wish there was more sun to write about but, no.  In my life, rain is all I’ve got …

After recent exit fails, my loins were girded for the trauma of my next journey by wheelchair in our car.  Unimaginable, huh?  Traumatised from exiting a a car!  But, there it is.  Wheelchair life in all its’ ugly reality.

However, I got a stay of loin-gird-necessity as the car developed another fault.

I really don’t know if just seems so – due to over-dependence – or not, but the incidence of equipment breakdown for disability equipment is extraordinarily high.  Rarely a month goes by without me needing to co-ordinate the fixing/replacement/purchase of … something.

This time, it’s the exhaust and, being modified, is it easy to sort out?  That would be a resounding: no.

We’re several calls in and still have no idea who can/will need to do the work.  This renders us car-less.

So far, we’ve missed only A Taste Of Honey at the National and a few personal things.

Yes. we could use black cabs but they are unreliable and expensive especially when you most need them – weekend nights and in bad weather.  Better to just miss/cancel stuff as the car will be back soon … we hope.

Life on hold.  I am trapped at home.  And it’s still pouring.

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