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Family Caring …

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I was chatting through caring options for an elderly family member with a friend who has similar family caring responsibilities and she said:

‘You’re so lucky to have family to share the concerns and responsibilities with …’

She is, of course, quite right but I managed to make her laugh as I described a recent family meeting which included said elderly parent, 4 siblings, 2 partners, 2 pre-teen children, one carer-to-be and 2 church pastors in one very hot 12*14ft room, all trying to decide how best to provide the needed support.  I missed out – luckily for all, I think, as my wheelchair alone would have taken a 2-person space – due to the broken ramp on our car. (Don’t go there! Another equipment malfunction …)

When D returned, I asked him how it went.  Plaintively, he said:

‘It was really hard to keep everyone focussed …’

So, what did you decide?  Confused:

‘I’m not really sure …’

What will you do now? Firmly:

‘Stick my head in the sand and wait for someone else to tell me what to do.’

Big grin.

So, yeah, this sharing thing really works for us …



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