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Hoxton Grill

Hoxton Grill

Hoxton Gril

We stopped off at the Hoxton Grill for a roast lunch this, Easter, weekend and, without being exceptional in anyway, it was a pleasure.

Part of The Hoxton Hotel, on Great Eastern Street, between Shoreditch High Street and the Old Street roundabout, the Grill is completely accessible for wheelchair users.

The Hotel is on a red route but there is one disabled parking space just along from the entrance with upto three hours waiting allowed.

For our purpose, this was brilliant as we pulled up, parked, were inside within a few minutes and at our table being served pronto.

It’s American style dining, with booths, wooden floors and tables and enough space to negotiate the wheelchair comfortably.  A few people had to move to let us through but everyone seemed very relaxed about it.

The Grill area has a comfortable, casual vibe, music, piped and live on Sunday but not too loud, and prompt service.

We really did just want a roast and there’s not much to go wrong with that, is there?  Desserts were somewhat off-the-shelf American but, if you’re in the mood, banoffi pie can be nice.  I did have a rather nice glass of prosecco with a rose liquor and lychees – that was something to have again.

Anyways, just thought I’d toss this in as if you’re in a wheelchair, heading to East London and needing  casual, comfortable eats, you could do worse than stop off at the Hoxton Grill.


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