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The Grain Store, Granary Square

The Grain Store, Granary Square

I had a brilliant evening with foodie friends at Petrus, in Knightsbridge, last week. It was one of those evenings where, anticipating problems, there were none.

We went on a Monday, a quiet night when the restaurant was busy but not teeming.  We were able to park on a single yellow, right outside, and roll straight round, via a completely level entrance, to our table.  Result.  No access problem at all.  It’s hard to believe how many times we are assured of this and, yet, so often have difficulties. My spirits immediately lift when assurances are realised with ease.

N.B.  I don’t use toilets when I am out – I’ve learnt never to expect access even when told it exists.  I’ve even given up asking so have no idea if those at Petrus were accessible or not. I’d recommend non-standing, non-catheterised wheelchair users follow suit, if able. It does limit your time out but compensates by making many more venues accessible to you. Moving on …

My next area of concern was Gordon Ramsey.  Yes, Petrus is a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and I am not a fan.

It was not always so.  I had one of the best meals of my life at Aubergine, many years ago, when Gordon Ramsey was starting out there.  A few times, I’ve been to Gordon Ramsey in Hospital Road and had some great meals over the past couple of decades.  Lately, though, not so keen.  Bit of a sell-out, no? And a very unattractive public persona.  However, our foodie friends thought Petrus would be good and … they were spot-on.

Current prejudices cast aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the space and my supper – click over to the Petrus photo gallery and take a look for yourself.

We went a al carte and, after the starter and main, I was thinking this was one of the best restaurants I’d been to in ages.  I had:

Foie gras parfaitwith golden beetroot, port and voatsiperifery pepper, and,

Hardwick mutton cooked over charcoal with vadouvan, smoked aubergine, mint and sheep’s yoghurt

Both were fantastic.  The desserts were not quite so good, mine being:

Gariguette and wild strawberries with lemon verbena and sablé

The coconut soufflé, which someone else had, was delicious.  Wish I’d had that.

All the usual amuse-bouches and petits four were part of the experience as were, for our party, a lot of drinks.  The three courses cost £65 per head and we spent about twice that (emphasising a lot of drinks).

It was a great evening. Comfortable, relaxed, wonderful food, sparkling fizz and the most appreciative of friends to enjoy it with.  My favourite kind of socialising … at Petrus, Kinnerton Street, Knightsbridge.

Yes, I’d recommend it.

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