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Probably Nothing …

Pray by Matilda Tristram

Pray, if it makes you feel better

As anyone who knows me is aware, I love me some humour with my misery.

And, I am always drawn to others who respond in the same way.  Less whining, more laughter seems like a good life philosophy for those of us with serious illnesses.

So, when I read about Probably Nothing by Matilda Tristram this weekend, I felt it my responsibility to share and pass it on and I do hope that you will do the same.

18 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with bowel cancer – tough to find the laughs in that but Matilda Tristram, an animation and graphic artist, has managed it in her book Probably Nothing: A diary of not-your-average nine months, available from July 7 2014 in the UK:

… [a] touching graphic memoir, never morose or self-pitying, starts when Matilda was diagnosed and ends when her chemotherapy finished. Recording the awkward conversations, the highs and lows of treatment, and the reality of still having to queue too long for croissants, Matilda captures her experiences with style and warmth. Along the way she cherishes the small details of life, and learns not to sweat the big things. Her beautiful and boisterous son James was born without complications.

Phew, wipes sweat from brow, a happy ending, thank goodness for that.

Do take a look and encourage everyone you know to do the same.  You never know who amongst us might need both the support and an insight to another’s perspective.

Probably Nothing Matilda Tristram

Click the cover to got to Matilda Tristram’s website


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