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Spring Restaurant, Somerset House

spring Restaurant

Spring Restaurant, Somerset House, London

Wow.  Skye Gyngell’s newly opened Spring Restaurant is so pretty – from the Lyndsey Adelman chandelier in the reception area (image below), via Dinesen oak flooring through to the high-ceilinged main dining room with its’ glorious arched windows, pale walls and frosty bauble cluster lighting (image above).

We were there on Monday, enjoying a celebration meal which included some deliciously light burrata (me) and  fresh ravioli (D) to start, followed by guinea fowl with the sweetest tomato and beetroot puree and spinach (all mine) and a cumin spiced slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with chickpeas and peppers (D).  We finished our meal with a chocolate and hazelnut cake and the prune and Armagnac tart.

Delicious, especially accompanied by pink champagne – I just love the Essex-girl pink bubbles – wines, coffee and rich chocolate.  Skye Gyngell hasn’t lost any of her touch from her Petersham Nurseries residency and thank god for that, as getting there in my wheelchair was a literal pain in my backside!

Not the restaurant itself which was level from entrance and spacious all through – brilliant wheelchair access and everyone inside was very helpful and happy to make me feel happy in the space – but the usual angst of London parking and traversing London pavements in a power wheelchair with very numb hands.

We had hoped D would be able to drop me off outside on Waterloo Bridge but, no, this is no longer possible.  So, we had to park up and walk back.  It should have taken about 10-15 minutes but took me at least double that.  Jeez, I hate uneven flagstones and precipitous kerb drops with a passion.  They do scarily unpredictable things to my wheels, a problem compounded by hands currently lacking any dexterity or lightness of touch.

Total trauma on a cold, wet and windy night.  I want to vent and moan a lot more about this but know it is absolutely futile because who cares?

Thankfully, it was a Monday night – generally the slowest of the week – and Spring were able to accommodate our shocking lateness with charm and I did get to have a great meal in a beautiful place.  On balance, I am really glad we made it – and am sure we will go back – but, oh, how I wish it wasn’t so incredibly hard to get about London on my wheels …

Spring Restaurant, Somerset House, New Wing, Lancaster Place, London WC2R 1LA

Spring Restaurant

Spring Restaurant Reception with Lyndsey Adelman Chandelier

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