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I have been very quiet on this blog so far this year because, in the first weeks of January, I was ill and then, in late January, I started a new online course, Advanced Creative Writing, offered by Oxford University’s Department Of Continuing Education – click this link for the complete list of current online courses.

I love to learn new things but the regular relapses of my illness have disrupted every attempt that I have made to undertake longer periods of study. I tend to focus now on shorter courses that I am able to complete between relapses.  Oxford Uni’s Continuing Education courses are ten weeks long – ideal for me if I get the timings right.

Unable to get out of the house easily, I am only interested in studying online.  I have tried online courses with other academic establishments, including the Open University, and, in my opinion, the Oxford University short courses are just way better in almost every respect from the technical to personal.  Obviously, what suits me may not suit others but set-up, access, organisation, content, forums, tutoring, communications, feedback are the best I have come across to date.

I have done a number of the short courses on offer by Oxford University’s Continuing Education department – mostly in philosophy, psychology and creative writing – and would thoroughly recommend them to those who, like me, are unable to commit to a long academic course, are essentially housebound but still desperate for some intellectual stimulus.

I am just starting week four of this year’s course and, whilst I will be continuing to post here, Stiletto Wheels activities will be quieter than usual for the next six weeks or so.  Wish me luck and, maybe, you’ll be joining me for the next course?

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