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Holidays At Home

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Following yet another well-meant ‘what you need is a holiday’ comment, D and I found ourselves in fits of laughter over dinner this Saturday as we recalled our horrendous holiday experiences, with wheelchair, and a recent conversation with my dad as follows:

“Given my pressure sore problem, I’m not sure how I’m gonna sleep over again,” I said to him.

“So you won’t be going on holiday any time soon,” Pops replied.

“We’ve not had a holiday in ten years–” I was almost dumbstruck: he hadn’t noticed.

Of course, it’s been our choice. D has a full time job plus me and my health issues to deal with and, despite our can-do attitude, we have found wheelchair holidays generate more stress than relaxation.

My worst moment was sitting in a New York hotel room, exhausted, without the equipment ordered, wailing: ‘I want to go home.’ For D, it was the pre-booked wheelchair cab that didn’t arrive at Atlanta airport on a Sunday evening flight arrival. Read more on my old Stiletto Wheels blog, if you’d like.

After almost a decade of horrendous holidays, we now take our -equivalent of – holidays at home in London. Not a hardship and we get great accommodation, well adapted for me, and so much to see and do.

Over dinner, D said that we should send postcards to family and friends with pictures of where we’re having our holiday fun so they can see we’re not missing out.

You know, an Alexander Calder postcard from Tate Modern, saying:

Having a fabulous time. Wish you were here.

Or, maybe, photos of our garden in full bloom, champagne on the garden table:

Love the accommodation. And the service is to die for.

From Fera, at Claridges:

In foodie heaven. Happy hols. See you soon. Hugs xx

We wondered if people would think us sarcastic but it’s not meant to be at all. We’re kind of fine with it.

Sure, we’d love to travel more again and have every intention of getting back to our favourite place, New York, as soon as we can. The instant D’s daily life becomes less stressed, we’ve plans – bring on the stressful holidays big time.

Meantime, we really are okay, relaxing at home in London with jazz on a summer day. It’s all good. As is the postcards idea.

If you get one, smile. Happy-holidays-r-us.


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