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Wheelchair access: Wigmore Hall, London

Wigmore Hall

Wigmore Hall

I’ve been to the Wigmore Hall, London, a couple of times recently – Christian McBride has a series of jazz concerts there this year – and, great news, it’s very accessible for wheelchair users.

On the two occasions I went, both Friday evenings, we even managed to get a parking spot right outside on single yellows. Brilliant.

From car to concert hall, the route is step-free and easy to roll but, on a slightly less positive note, the wheelchair spaces are at the back and, when full, tight to negotiate as up to four wheelchairs have to squeeze in to a limited space.

i didn’t have a problem with any of this. I don’t really care about the visuals when I go to concerts – I do at the theatre which is why I never go to the Barbican theatre which has similarly poor visuals due to wheelchair spaces being too far back from the stage. Musically, I’m there to listen and the sound was fine – though it was tricky to hear the repartee between musical numbers.

The wheelchair spacing issues are manageable with a bit of shuffling about by everyone but there’s no room for stretching your legs out and the companion seats are in front of you. If, like me, you have leg ‘issues’, I’d recommend you join me in requesting the (one) aisle space next time as it’s the only spot with room for your companion to sort your legs out. We’ll have to fight over it!

Sorry if that all sounds a bit moan-y because none of it was a big deal and it really shouldn’t detract from the fact that the Wigmore Hall is a very beautiful, easily accessible, concert space with a great, varied programme of music on offer … Though I do wish they’d schedule in a bit more jazz.

I shall definitely be going back and am happy to recommend it as a place to go for other musically-inclined wheelchair users.

Go. Support the access.

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