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Pedro Almodovar Season at BFI

Pedro Almodovar: Kika (UK poster)

Pedro Almodovar: Kika (UK poster)

The Pedro Almodovar season at the BFI Southbank opens this week and doesn’t that just add icing to the cake of this summer?

I love Almodovar’s films …

Oh, sure, over such a long period of time, he’s had a few duds but, generally: quirky, funny, moving, visually arresting and featuring some of the best Spanish, and other, actors of the last few decades including the brilliant Rossy de Palma with her *I’m-a-walking-Picasso-face*. Plus, he seems to adore women and gives them great roles. So much to love …

With such a comprehensive selection of films available – click to see the full rosta of films on at the BFI in the Almodovar season – I shall be hoping to wheel across regularly, catching up on those I’ve missed.

And, the great news is that I can do this – wheel across – because the BFI Southbank is very wheelie friendly.

I’m always banging on about the Southbank because I do find it to be one of the best of sites for wheelchair access – parking, lifts, ramps, easy wheeling – but I did totally forget to mention the BFI when I was there earlier this year, seeing a fabulous documentary on Robert Mapplethorpe.

We were late, nothing new there, hadn’t been to BFI Screen one before in my power wheelchair (baffles me as to why not), had to go into the dark auditorium and wheel into my space … And, it was okay. The wheelchair space was conveniently close to the door with room enough for me to manoeuvre. Minimal disruption, maximum good times.

I will barely mention the small patch of cobblestones outside the BFI Southbank which my wheelchair hated but got across with no trouble other than slowing my speed to ease my fishtailing rear wheels across the bumps. Oh, and the paving slabs along the riverside walkway could do with some maintenance – lots of them are breaking up but it’s still all very wheel-able for the time being.

So, there you have it. Fabulous Almodovar season in a nicely accessible venue.

Maybe, I’ll see you there and, as I am remembering the documentary,  I shall attach a beautiful Mapplethorpe flower just to brighten your day.

Hope you’re feelin’ the happy,

From Flowers, by Robert Mapplethorpe

From Flowers, by Robert Mapplethorpe


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