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Hedone, Chiswick

Hedone Restaurant, Chiswick, London

Hedone Restaurant, Chiswick, London

I live about ten minutes drive from Hedone, Chiswick, a restaurant which features high in most ‘best UK restaurant’ lists and yet, somehow, I’d not eaten there.

So what? You might ask and, sure, no big deal – there’s lots of renowned restaurants I’ve not eaten at.

But this one is local and accessible.

If I’m prepared to travel across town, and even country, to eat at a special restaurant, why would I not go to one, a destination for others, that is sitting on my doorstep? Crazy, huh? Yes, I agree.

So I went. A few weeks ago. And I loved it. A lot.

Like most of my favourite restaurants, Hedone is not the place you go when you are ravenous and needing a chow-down. Obvs. If you read the reviews and look at the website.

Hedone say:

The produce we work with may vary daily. We are putting a lot of effort into finding unique ingredients and using them in ways so that the resulting dishes will be unique expressions of the used ingredients. And the way we cook with them can often change spontaneously depending on individual variances of the produce. As little as possible is precooked, instead we tend to cook everything to order.

Top quality ingredients are often only available in small quantities, so the tasting menus for different tables may not be the same but each table will enjoy a unique and personal experience. 

There are no printed menus. You choose how many courses – we went for the full ten – then sit back and enjoy the delectable, delightful, deliciousness of foodie theatre laid before you.

I do love this kind of eating experience. I relish trying bite size portions of extravagent, exotic and even mundane foodstuffs, beautifully prepared and presented in new combinations and fashions.

Integral to my pleasure are the ever-changing elements of cutlery, dishes, glasses and knowledgeable staff. It’s all such fun and truly theatrical especially as dusk is falling, lights are twinkling and night draws in. As different from fast food eating as opera is from karaoke – all enjoyable in their own way with each to their own passion. As you may have guessed, I’m an opera enthusiast and dying to return to Hedone with some foodie friends who I know will love it as much as we did.

Hedone is a small restaurant so you will generally need to book ahead though it’s always worth calling for cancellations. It is also not inexpensive, as you might imagine. To my mind, for a fabulous treat, worth every ££££. Hedone, Chiswick.

On wheelchair access: we were able to park almost outside and wheel, on the level, to the restaurant. The entrance has a small lip which my power wheelchair had no trouble rolling across. Although the restaurant is small, there was comfortable space for me to move about and settle in. Love it when access is as easy as this.

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