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Helene Darroze at the Connaught

Carlo Moretti Murano Glasses - i diversi

Carlo Moretti Murano Glasses – i diversi

Sometimes, you just want an easy life, don’t you? And nice things around you? Pleasant people? A relaxing atmosphere?

Right now, our house is just not that place.

The people are okay – that’s me & D – but, our home, chaos and I’d had enough so, last weekend, we took ourselves out to lunch at Helene Darroze at the Connaught.


We’d been before so knew that wheelchair access was no problem – there’s a sloped entrance at the side by the bar, space right by it for drop off and we got a parking space just opposite. You know how things start well and just keep getting better?

Inside, after a short discussion about space for my footplates – centre poles can be trying – we were settled comfortably into a corner at a nicely spacious table, with lots of foot-room, admiring the beautiful glasses that you see in the photo above: Carlos Moretti Murano glass. So pretty.

A glass of my favourite pink bubbles by Billecart-Salmon easing the tension in my shoulders, we had decisions to make. Five, seven, or chef’s choice of courses? Cheese or no cheese? More fizz or not?

Tough choices but we were up to it. And, it was delicious. All of it.

Foie gras, langoustine, scallops, brill, John Dory, grouse, cheese, chocolate and the Signature Savarin dessert (like a rum baba with Armagnac). That’s our choices for five courses plus cheese.

We had to beg doggie bags to take home the beautiful petits fours – not eating them was clearly not an option.

Easy. Relaxing. Pampering.

Sadly, for just a brief interlude then back to our real lives.

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