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Melt Chocolates, London

Melt Chocolates, London: Hazelnut Slabs

Melt Chocolates, London: Hazelnut Slabs

I’m reposting, which I rarely do, from my lifestyle blog, Plus Black, because Melt Chocolates are not just for gifts: they’re an essential accessory for the chronically ill, in my opinion, demanding a place in the health and lifestyle section of this blog.  On Plus Black, I said:

Melt Chocolates – in particular their hazelnut slabs in milk chocolate – are my go-to treat when life is grinding me down.

This week, I’m having hospital nightmares so no time to blog … but Melt in my mouth for solace.

Recommended for sad people, chcocolate lovers, happy peeps, birthday celebrators and, yes, it’s not too soon, Xmas gifts.

More £££ than your high street choccie but worth every penny for creamy milky choccie quality ❤️️❤️️❤️️.

Shop online at Melt Chocolates or at Selfridges if you’re in town: everything is delicious.

All I would add here is that every chronically ill person needs to be kind to themselves and if chocolate is your thing – as it is mine – Melt Chocolates are the absolute best pick-me-up through at least some of those bad moments. As the adverts say: You’re worth it.

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