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Slippers and Mules

Sanayi 313 La Contessa Velvet Slippers

Sanayi 313 La Contessa Velvet Slippers

My search for beautiful and functional, off the shelf, footwear for a wheelchair user with swollen foot problems continues … and, from the feedback I’ve gotten on it, I know I’m not alone in my hunt.

Swollen feet are just an every day normal problem for many non-standing wheelchair users, others with mobility issues and for huge numbers on any kind of fluid retaining medication.

From the years I’ve spent looking, and listening to others doing the same, it is extraordinarily difficult to find off the shelf shoes and slippers to accommodate this ridiculously common practical problem and as for finding some footwear with any semblance of style or fashion awareness – needle in a haystack, baby …

These opening paragraphs are a partial repost from my lifestyle blog, Plus Black: Sanayi 313 Slippers and Mules, written yesterday on the trials and tribulations of looking for adaptive footwear that fits and is beautiful. Click the link to read the complete blog posting if you too have problems finding footwear because of swollen feet – all comments and suggestions are welcome.

To see more gorgeous Sanayi 313 Slippers and Mules, click to enter the Sanayi e-shop or follow the links on the Plus Black blog.

The La Contessa slippers featured above are from Matches Fashion and how I’d love to find a pair of these under my 🎄.

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