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Elystan Street

Elystan Street Restaurant, 43 Elystan Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 3NT

Elystan Street Restaurant, 43 Elystan Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 3NT

Could there be a better way to spend at least part of your, first post New Year, weekend than with a visit to Elystan Street for a totally stand out meal and restaurant experience?

Not to my mind. I’d suggest getting yourself across there asap if good food and convivial restaurants are your comfort blanket for the misery of a long cold January.

Elystan Street has been open a few months in premises we’d previously visited – in former, unconnected, restaurant incarnation – so knew to be both wheelchair accessible and with easy parking right outside. Yay, that put me in a good frame of mind immediately.

Winding down after the holiday break, we wanted great food in a comfortable and casual environment and that’s exactly what we got at Elystan Street, probably unsurprising as there’s some serious restaurant pedigree involved via owners and staff whose stated intention is to deliver just that.

There’s little more to say so best keep it simple.

Friendly staff; unfussy dining room; comfortable lighting, seating and table spacing; a happy, unintrusive, buzz of conversation and activity; and, really good food and wine with my favourite Billecart Salmon rose sold by the glass – I love that.

The menu is varied but compact and there’s none of the cutesy accompaniments you’d get in a more formal restaurant which I often love but wasn’t in the mood for straight after Christmas. Straight forward, really great food was desired and delivered with panache, good humour and in style.

The dish of the night, for me, was the Loin of fallow deer with mustard fruits, green peppercorns and a tart fine of celeriac and quince – truly sublime and I’d happily go back just to have this again though, with so much to tempt, it would be churlish not to try something different.

Ravioli of rabbit, Tartare of scallops, langoustine and sea bream ceviche, monkfish, lemon tart, poached pear – all delicious. With a decent coffee and tea, we were done. Fantastic and, at c.£80 per head, it’s expensive – which you’d expect here – but not astronomic.

I think I’d like Elystan Street to be my new local and am certainly intending to return soon with friends – as they all drink like fish this will take our average spend up somewhat, no doubt!

Elystan Street, 43 Elystan Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 3NT, Tel: 020 7628 5005

Go, and let me know what you think.

NB on the wheelchair access: there’s level entrance but quite a tight turn, for a lengthy power wheelchair, up a slope. Going up is fine but coming down to turn out the door is tight for your feet especially as the door opens inward. It is best do-able, I found, by keeping the door closed to come down to the bottom of the slope, doing a 180′ turn which got my feet to face back up the slope then opening the door, swinging my chair round on a 45′ angle to roll out frontwards. I think I’ll be smoother next time I do it.

Also, I never check accessible toilets as I just don’t stay out/drink enough to need them – too many early disappointments in the lack of these has made me a hopeless cynic in such expectation i.e. I’ve given up even asking so, if you go, check first if this is important to you.

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