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Tree Of Codes at Sadler’s Wells

Tree of codes at Sadler's Wells, choreography by Wayne McGregor

Tree Of Codes at Sadler’s Wells, choreography by Wayne McGregor

Last week, I saw Tree Of Codes at the Sadler’s Wells, a ballet choreographed by Wayne McGregor, lighting by Olfur Eliasson and music by Jamie xx.

It was fantastic.

A fabulous collaborative integration of movement, light and music danced by MacGregor’s own company of dancers plus nine guest artists from the Paris Opera Ballet.

Having featured the book on my +Black blog a few months ago, Tree Of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer, I was interested to read how this work had inspired McGregor – quoted from his website, click across to read, and see, more:

Wayne McGregor collaborated with artist Olafur Eliasson and producer/composer Jamie xx to create a new contemporary ballet for Manchester International Festival. [2015]

Eliasson’s large-scale projects, including The New York City Waterfalls and The Weather Project at the Tate Modern, have captured the attention of audiences worldwide. Mercury Prize-winning Jamie xx blurs the boundaries between artist and audience in sonic environments like the one he created with his band, The xx, at the Armory in 2014.

Triggered by Jonathan Safran Foer’s (an artwork in the form of a book which was in turn inspired by by Bruno Schulz), this new, evening-length work features a company of soloists and dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet and Company Wayne McGregor.

‘Jonathan Safran Foer’s is an immersive sculptural work that brilliantly hovers between words and spaces, surfaces and layers, pasts and futures. Its post apocalyptic narrative and reinvention of the process of reading itself catapults your imagination into bracing liminal states. These blurred and disorientating worlds provide a powerful point of departure for our collaboration on stage – where constellations of light, shadows, bodies, objects and sound dance at the edges of darkness.’

The performance came together as an awesome and memorable experience for the audience who leapt to their feet in acclaim at the end.

Tree Of Codes ends tomorrow, 11 March 2017, at the Sadler’s Wells.

It is sold out but it’s worth asking for returns or, if you’re a wheelchair user, some spaces may still be available. On access, Sadler’s Wells is a brilliantly accessible venue for wheelchairs, with parking if you ask when booking.

For a modern dance lover, this is a production worth seeing if it is on at any venue near you.




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