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It’s Spring …

Rushing To The GP

Rushing To The GP

I was really beginning to feel all Spring-like, having made it through Autumn and Winter with no serious health problems other than the usual relapse and hospital visit in early November. Then, pow, like a left hook hitting me in the face, I’m down, shivering and shaking, temperature over forty degrees … the ‘aaagh’ limit for dealing with virus’ at home.

Sadly, my woes coincided with D’s ageing mum calling to say she ‘felt like she was dying’ – immediate ‘eek’ alert for sepsis as she’s not a huge complainer.

So, there we were on a Saturday morning (why is it always the weekend?): I had a temperature over 40 degrees and was passing out so D had 111 on the line for me in an ‘ambulance or not?’ situation. Plus, on another phone, D’s got 111 on the line with his mum who is saying, ‘I can’t talk to them. They’re useless. They ask the same questions over and over and I’m too ill to answer. They don’t understand, I’m dying.’

D’s holding 2 phones and looking like he’s about to crack as I’m sobbing that she can’t die like that, it’s too horrible – we were all feeling a little emotionally … stretched.

Luckily, with the operator hearing all this, she called an ambulance for D’s mum. This involved the police and ambulance men having to break her door down to get in whilst we were on the phone trying to keep her conscious. For thirty minutes we thought she’d died then a policeman picked the phone up and said they were in, she was conscious and they were taking her to hospital. Jeez, the trauma.

Meantime, I started popping pills as soon as 111’s GP arrived and, thankfully, over the weekend, my temperature started dropping. It’s taken another week and half and I’m okay now but the virus has precipitated me into a rapid neurological relapse so, with that, and my skin cancer stuff needing attention, I’m looking at a few weeks of hospital visits upcoming. Oh, joy.

D’s mum has not been so lucky. She had pneumonia and MRSA and remains in hospital but may be discharged this week. D was her only support for the first week as two of his sisters are, like me immune suppressed due to our various long-term illnesses. His older sister was on holiday so poor D was juggling me, his mum and work – each of us in different locations. With telephone help from his younger sisters, he did his best but struggled to do any of it well.

THankfully, his older sister and partner are back this week and have stepped in to cover the mum situation and we’re hopeful she’ll be back home soon.

I’ve got to say that I’m not feeling very Spring-like right now.


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