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Terror at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith

Terror at the Lyric theatre, Hammersmith to 15 July 2017

Terror at the Lyric theatre, Hammersmith to 15 July 2017

This is the last weekend to see Terror at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, running to 15 July 2017, and I can only apologise for not writing this earlier in the week when a few more wheelie people might have been able to go along and see it, if any of you have been hesitating over possible access issues.

I went last weekend to see Terror, a play the Lyric describe as:

Guilty. Not Guilty. You Decide.
Enter the courtroom. Hear the evidence. Make your judgement.
A hijacked plane is heading towards a packed football stadium. Ignoring orders to the contrary a fighter pilot shoots the plane down killing 164 people to save 70,000.

Put on trial and charged with murder, the fate of the pilot is in the audience’s hands.

The Lyric presents the UK Premiere of Ferdinand von Schirach’s thrilling courtroom drama. A worldwide phenomenon that has been stirring debate across the globe. The production is directed by the Lyric’s Artistic Director, Sean Holmes and designed by Olivier Award-winner Anna Fleischle.

It was a blisteringly warm evening, the theatre is not air-conditioned, and my thoughts were: this needs to be good. And, yay, it did not disappoint.

The object, as you might surmise from the above, is for the audience to participate by listening, thinking and, post-interval, voting.

Following the electronic vote, the verdict is announced in the judge’s summing up. And we are all left to ponder and pontificate further as we slowly exit the theatre.

In the transcript of the play, available at the Lyric, you will find all the arguments for both guilty and not-guilty verdicts.

Further, on the Lyric website, you can click through to see verdicts from other performances of the play, here and abroad. Best not do this until after you’ve seen it though as you wouldn’t want any preconception to cloud your own judgement.

I really enjoyed engaging my brain on the issues of morality, principle and law and we all had great fun debating the points raised, and some that were not, during the interval and after. A most enjoyable night out and thoroughly recommended to all, wheelchair users and others.

Terror at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, running to 15 July 2017

On wheelchair access (mine is a substantial power wheelchair):

There is, post 6.30pm, a lot of nearby street parking as well as a car park. D dropped me off on King Street, right by Lyric Square and parked just down the road, off to the left. The pavements and dropped kerbs were easy to negotiate – high praise from me! – and Lyric Square is pedestrianised so a doddle.

Access to, and traversing across, the theatre is level but there are two quite small lifts to manage – do-able but tight so nothing to fear but you might need eyes to help a bit. The Lyric staff escorted us through this without damage to me, my wheels or the theatre.

Inside, the theatre is quite old style and you take a tight left, going up an aisle to the very back row where there is sufficient space for a wheelchair in front of a seating space. It’s not a huge theatre so it’s not a bad view from this space but turning and manoeuvring, both in and out, is, again, tight but do-able.

Despite all this ‘tight-ness’ that I’m mentioning, I had no serious access problem and would happily go again and recommend it to others. There aren’t many wheelchairs wider and longer than mine so pretty much all of us would be ok, I think, though do check if you’re worried about the dimensions of your own. Happy wheeling.

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