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Sunday Lunch At Restaurant Coworth Park

Restaurant Coworth Park: Buttered Poached Lobster,

Restaurant Coworth Park: Buttered Poached Lobster

With seasonal celebrations upcoming, who’s not looking for a gorgeous restaurant to visit with their family?

If that’s you, you might want to take a look and book a visit to Restaurant Coworth Park, about forty minutes up the motorway from West London, near Ascot.

It is a rather grand looking place which does tend to put me off a bit as I immediately assume, outside London, that it will be all staid country style furnishings and big drape-y floral curtains – yuck.

It’s also known for being close to the races and golf – double yuck.

However, our mates who booked it, reliable foodies, insisted it would be fun and … it was.

Despite the mileage, we got there faster than we are able to get to most mid-town London restaurants and, you know, I liked being out in the country for once.

It’s located next to Virginia Water where I used to walk our family dog in my – wheelchair free – youth. Gorgeous place.

We found the hotel pretty easily eventually though, travelling along the long and winding drive up to it, we did wonder if we’d missed it somewhere and were heading to the middle of the golf course.

Pulling up at the entrance, I was thrilled to see it was totally wheelchair accessible – level right through to the restaurant. I’ve mentioned before that you can never be sure of this, despite verbal assurances, until you’ve got eyes on it. Such easy access puts me right in my happy place.

Happy too with the decor, which was almost London-chic but with somewhat more foliage … out in the country, you know. It didn’t hurt my eyes.

The restaurant was comfortable and spacious. The staff: not too intrusive, and efficient. We were able to hear each other talk and, generally, just chill. Nice.

We were there for a Sunday Lunch, sample menu here. I should say, at this point, that I wasn’t feeling too well so I shared in the lobster for the table then stuck with the veggie options for a lighter meal but everyone else demolished their meat and fish with enthusiasm. Desserts too. Like they were hungry.

Overall, nice place, good access – you’ll need to check toilet access if you need it – and decent food, plus being an easy out-of-London drive away … did I mention that already?

They have a festive lunch, £45, and dinner, £50. Pretty reasonable for the ‘festive’ season as who wants to cook, really?

Take your family – mums, dads, grans and grandads too – they’ll love it though the teens might moan a bit because it’s not in London.

Restaurant Coworth Park.

‘Tis the season … 🎈

Restaurant Cowarth Park

Restaurant Cowarth Park

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