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Ho Ho Ho: My Rubber Threshold Ramp

Rubber Threshold Ramp From The Ramp People

Rubber Threshold Ramp From The Ramp People

Cue girly *squee’s*.

My Ramp People Rubber Threshold Ramp is here.

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Surely I’m not the only only long-time wheelchair user who’d look at a rubber ramp and think, ‘Ooh, how cute. I love it.’

Diamonds and pearls, be damned.

Wrap me a portable rubber ramp – that may be chucked in and out of our boot with, fairly, gay abandon – and I’m Christmas-Happy.

Goodbye, huge and heavy Roll-A-Ramp … you have your uses and I’m not abandoning you but for one threshold step, you’re a lot of work and a bit overkill to be honest.

Hello, my funky flexible rubber friend … you don’t look very Christmas-y but I shall be whipping you out with, aforementioned, abandon at each and every threshold lip that I encounter over the holiday period.

D keeps saying it’s heavy but, really? Just look at the Roll-A-Ramp.

No worries about wheelchair weight or width as it’s got pretty much everything covered and the four incher that I got: £60. A bargain.

Best Christmas treat this year, by a mile.

Not easy to make it look festive though … ✨

The Ramp People: Rubber Threshold Ramp


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