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Isn’t it always the case that you get your central heating boiler serviced with no problems and then it promptly breaks down within a few weeks? This seems to be a regular feature of mechanical servicing for me and how woeful it is when it happens just before Christmas.

Actually, it was the second week of December when we had our heating problems – boiler just kept switching off. We have one of those stupidly expensive Homecare contracts so figured it would be fine, we were still a week and half pre-Christmas.


The first appointment we were offered was Saturday 23rd December.

Sends shudders down your spine, no? You know that if they can’t fix it, you’ll be without heat all over Christmas but what can you do?

I raged as politely as I was able. Used the crip card … which is a genuine issue, by the way, as I cannot just go to someone else’s house or use a gym/hotel due to access and equipment issues. But, cut no ice.

Unless I had no heat and hot water, I was no emergency.

So, we waited and they did turn up as promised and, by Christmas Eve, all seemed well.

Until we needed the hot water.

Eek. No hot water.

In fact, no hot water from Christmas Eve until Thursday 4 January.

We spent the entire Christmas and New Year period with no hot water. We were not happy.

No hot water is not considered an emergency by British Gas either, even with a genuinely housebound, chronically ill, non-standing wheelchair user in the house. Why should you be treated any differently?

Grinds teeth. Aren’t these the moments when you just curse all the people who think/say that having a disability makes no difference?

Yes, it damn well does when you can’t get out to a bath, shower or toilet, like everyone else with plumbing problems can, and you are ill.

However, after a number of calls over the next few days – with input from some great engineers who went above and beyond to help – they did seem to finally get that this might be something to deal with sooner rather than later given the circumstances.

We did, at least, manage to get out Christmas Day and New Years Day – having today’s equivalent of tin bath showers – D running up and down with bowls and boiling water from kettle to bathroom but, grrr!

Otherwise, we were housebound for the entire period, tethered by the ins and outs of British Gas and Dyno Plumbing engineers who were appearing in random six hourly timeslots between 6am-midnight. Thank goodness for mobiles and their half an hour in advance calls.

Today, our plumbing problems seem to be resolved and I’m back in my bath, kinda feeling pampered yet still irked at how vulnerable I feel – and am – whenever anything goes wrong with even the relatively normal stuff like the boiler and plumbing. There’s just no way to protect yourself from this, is there?

I’m also not entirely comfortable that we have our fingers crossed, in the first week of January, already hoping 2018 improves as we go along and this is as bad as it gets … not likely, is it? Hallo, 2018 …

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