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Accessible Bathrooms by Motionspot

Design led accessible bathrooms by Motionspot

Adapting a bathroom to accommodate changes in physical need makes for hard decisions, especially when such changes may be unwelcome, uncertain or potentially progressive in nature.

If you are struggling to figure out what you need in your specially adapted – who doesn’t hate that term? – bathroom and are looking at the adaptive equipment that is widely available, you might be thinking, ‘No. Just no.’

If so, feel happy that you are not alone and allow me to refer you to Motionspot:

In 2005, Motionspot co-founder James Taylor broke his neck diving into the sea in Portugal. After 8 months spent in Stoke Mandeville hospital, James returned home to his flat in Battersea, South London, to find a range of equipment had been installed to help make his life easier.

There was just one problem; every item had been designed for a hospital rather than a home. James and his wife Katherine went from living in a home designed to suit their style and taste, to a house full of grey padded shower seats, white plastic support rails, inaccessible showers and depressing furniture.

Ed Warner, a close friend, offered to help find something better. After weeks of searching, Ed found the same issues kept coming up time and again – limited choice, poor advice, condescending customer service, unclear pricing and bad design.

With the help of James and Katherine, Ed set up Motionspot to make sure no-one else must endure the same frustrations. 

We have one defining vision: ‘Well designed access for all.’

At Motionspot, our aim is to transform spaces and lives through beautifully designed, accessible bathrooms that deliver independence for anyone with a disability or in need of extra support.

A great vision statement but remember that, ultimately, you will have to make your own – hopefully informed – choices about what you actually need as there will not be a ‘one size product fits all’ bathroom solution.

Frankly, you will make mistakes. Both you and those helping you may not fully understand what you need for all sorts of reasons. We are all so uniquely different in ‘special’ needs, space, finance and aesthetics. Though that’s pretty much like everyone, right? And, everyone gets it wrong sometimes.

To minimise mistakes and make the best choices you can, information is all. The only way to establish the base of something that will work for you.

And, that’s where Motionspot can help.

On their site, you will see really nice ‘design led accessible Bathrooms ’, achievable in your own home.

Plus, they have a range of products to buy that are a positively huge stylistic mile from the basic function over form product that is widely used in/by institutional environments. They also provide a design service for a bespoke solution, should you be interested.

So, if you are struggling to access and adapt your bathroom, I’d suggest a visit to the Motionspot website.

Don’t forget to let me know if Motionspot are able to help you with your #designdisabilitydecor problems.

Beautiful Bathrooms for all 💋


Design led accessible bathrooms by Motionspot

Accessible Bathrooms by Motionspot

Design led accessible bathrooms by Motionspot

Accessible Bathrooms by Motionspot

Design led accessible bathrooms by MotionspotDesign led accessible bathrooms by Motionspot

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