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Notes From The Field, Royal Court Theatre

Notes From The Field, Royal Court Theatre, London.

Notes From The Field, Royal Court Theatre, London.

Searching Stiletto Wheels, I cannot believe that I’ve not mentioned the Royal Court Theatre, on Sloane Square, at all in the years I’ve been blogging here. It’s one of my staple go-to theatres – usually there about four times a year – because it is both totally wheelchair accessible and full of interesting productions, season after season.

Not least of those great productions is the, currently running, Notes From The Field which is only on until this weekend, to 23 June 2018.

If you can get tickets, do go because you’ll see a tour-de-force solo performance from Anna Deavere Smith – a highly rated American actor – who conceived, wrote and performs this searing and shocking, all based on fact, indictment of current and continuing inequality for black people in the USA.

Having seen Laura Linney – another great American actor – perform a solo theatrical piece a week or two back, I’d left The Bridge feeling, ‘great performance, play’s a bit ‘meh’.’

The contrast with Anna Deavere Smith was remarkable. Deavere Smith introduces elements of dynamic social media, a live bass jazz score, multiple costume and scenery changes plus, she acts. Taking on  the persona of a number of the individuals that are introduced to us via the social media interplay.

I’ll say again: amazing. And really interesting. There’s just three days left to go see it:

The Royal Court Theatre: Notes From The Field with Anna Deavere Smith

Wheelchair Access:

The Royal Court Theatre is located on Sloane Square, right next to, or a few yards from, Sloane Square tube station. We’ve always managed to get parking in the adjacent side road to the tube, though current roadworks haven’t made that, or unloading me on my wheels from the car, any easier. Did manage okay, though. The paved area in front of the tube and Theatre is all wheelie fine, as is the level side entrance to the theatre which takes you to a lift that accesses all floors.

The Royal Court has made a huge effort to be fully accessible to wheelchairs but it is an old theatre so space is tight and uncomfortable when the theatre is crowded. Having said that, the staff are super-helpful and the spaces for wheelchairs are fine.

Seats do have to be removed to get the wheelchairs in so advance warning helps. This was the first time I booked my wheelchair space plus companion online, rather than calling, but they didn’t take it that I needed the seat removed. That caused a last minute panic which they coped with but I will call on the day next time to reiterate my need.

Both main theatre and studio have access so book either and you’ll be fine.

The Royal Court: good wheelchair access. Helpful staff. Definitely worth a visit.

Notes From The Field, Royal Court Theatre, London.

Notes From The Field, Royal Court Theatre, London.

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