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The Delaunay, London

The Delaunay, London

The Delaunay, London

Regular attendees of theatre and arts venue’s in central London, me and D have often left a performance starving and thought, ‘Where to now?’ A restaurant with decent food, level access, space for a wheelchair, no crazy Muzak or part-aying, close by our venue, reasonable parking, still serving between 10.30-11.00pm and open long enough for you to eat. Weirdly, not that easy to find.

In part, it’s a tourist thing as, centrally, places are teeming and the food joints are all about mass catering. There’s more choice wider afield but we’ve neither inclination nor time to start flogging across London after theatre hours though we are happy to drop in for snacks at The Beaumont should we be heading homewards early enough.

Surprisingly, given our Beaumont-love and despite passing it by no end of times and knowing it’s a Corbin & King restaurant, we hadn’t stopped at The Delaunay which is clearly visible, on the corner of Aldwych and Drury Lane as you whizz by towards Kingsway from Waterloo or The Aldwych.

Channeling Julia Roberts: Big mistake. Huge.

Mere minutes from The National Theatre – a regular go-to – with parking just behind (take the first left on Kingsway, single yellow line or bays to park and it’s easy rolling), sans theatre crowds (who’ve mostly moved on at 10.45pm), a fabulous level entrance (see below) plus a warm welcome and helpful opening times. Yes, we dropped in at The Delaunay. Finally, somewhere to go for a decent post-theatre supper.

A similar menu to the Colony Grill at The Beaumont, the interior is spacious, comforting and easy, On our most recent visit, I had the lobster roll and chips (again!); D, the calves liver and mash. Cheesecake, hot chocolate (close to but not as good as The Beaumont), hunger assuaged.

Regretting the mountains of late night, rubbish, fast food previously consumed, I can only ponder on why we did not go to The Delaunay sooner and I have no answer to such stupidity. Total *face-palm*.

The Delaunay, London - interior

The Delaunay, London – interior

The Delaunay, London

The Delaunay, London

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