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Recommending Birkdale Neuro-Physiotherapy Clinic

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My physio, Farshideh Bondarenko, is expanding into newer, bigger, premises.

It’s been a longtime ambition of hers to do this and she will be providing additional, improved, services for all of the neurologically impaired people whom she treats.

Having built her private practice over the past few decades, Farshideh is stepping back a little from hands-on work, employing others to help with this, whilst she oversees and develops her practice to incorporate disciplines that are both complementary to neuro-physiotherapy and essential, to her way of thinking, in the rehabilitation of those who have neurological disorders and illnesses.

I say ‘to her way of thinking’ to make the distinction between her approach and that of ‘the NHS way of thinking’ in regard to those with neurological deficits.

To clarify, I have no issue with NHS physiotherapy other than that it is strictly limited in its’ availability for those of us with – often degenerative and deteriorating – neurological problems.

Whilst appreciating there is regional variation, commonly and in my personal experience, most of us with chronic neuro conditions are offered physio only during in-hospital stays or for short – usually 6-10 weekly – sessions on a sporadic basis.  Sadly, this is hopelessly inadequate for the many of us who struggle to maintain motor and sensory function with illnesses that span, and change, over decades and, indeed, our entire lifetime.

We do all now understand that the NHS has funding problems and is more focussed on curable, responsive conditions.  However, that does leave huge numbers with long-term neurological problems who feel they will benefit from physio to their own resources.

Unhappily, this is not equable, creates a ‘rich/poor’ divide and totally breaches the ‘free at the point of need’ concept trumpeted by so many politicos but it is where we are with our state-funded health service.

For those who might be interested in going the private route, I cannot recommend Farshideh and the Birkdale Clinic strongly enough … and, no, she doesn’t pay me for this … well, ok, she might buy me a bar of chocolate or a bunch of flowers but that’s just because she has a very generous nature.

I have been seeing Farshideh since March 1998 – a really long time and it sometimes feels so, to both of us – and she has been the most fantastic support to me, as she is to all her clients, many of whom, like me, have been going to her for years.

She is a passionate, committed physio with a great sense of humour and vast swathes of knowledge about a lot of neurological problems.  Flexibility; Adaptability; Practical; Focussed: And she really knows her stuff.

Look at her website: Birkdale Paediatric & Adult Neuro Physio

Read her latest newsletter (which doesn’t scan well but looks good): Birkdale September 2013 Newsletter

Contact her if you’d like to chat over your neurological problem and take it from there: Birkdale Contact Us

Contact me if you want to know more on how she helps me.

Explore the possibilities of how neuro-physio might help you because ‘you’re worth it’ and so is Farshideh.  I wish her every success with her move and believe all whom she treats will benefit from her exciting new plans.

PS Farshideh herself specialises in, and will continue to be the principle practitioner on, paediatric neuro physio.  If you have a child – baby to teenager – who needs help with a neurological problem, do call and have a chat with her.  She is brilliant with children and young adults of any age.

2 Responses to “Recommending Birkdale Neuro-Physiotherapy Clinic”

  1. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for your blog, I am also a wheelchair user and have recently moved to London and am enjoying reading your stories and experiences. While a lot of the time your problems are much harder to cope with than mine, it is reassuring to read that our hospital experiences are frustratingly similar but also that I am not alone in holding my head in my hands when faced with bureaucracy!

    I am also an art lover and love going to restaurants so also really enjoy that side of your blog.

    • Elle, StilettoWheels & PlusBlack

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words.

      It always makes me feel better to know I’m not alone in my struggles in the day to day living of life-with-wheelchair because you do sometimes think ‘is it just me?’ as you’re banging your head on some brick wall or other.

      Do let me know of any fun accessible arts & foodie things you discover in London. For all my regular complaints, London is a great city for access as for every brilliant inaccessible venue there’s always an accessible one too.

      Best of luck with the settling in and thanks again,



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