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2013 Archive 18: A ‘Healthy’ Year

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Listening to the rain, sitting here, waiting for my broken iMac to power down, I’m thinking that with just the one hospital treatment week in late January, 2013 was a good, stable, year for me health-wise.

Yikes, perhaps I should stop thinking, right now.  Nuff said.  Keep it tight.  It feels like tempting fate to go on … but I will.

This is just the third year of sixteen – and I’ve not made two consecutive years yet – of such stability.  Long may it continue.

2013 was D’s year to – for him – fall apart with knee, back and tooth problems; none of which are yet resolved, just managed and shelved for another day.  It certainly helped him not to have any of my usual traumas to deal with.

Looking back, I feel a bit irritated really.  Like, if I’d known stability was in the offing, I might have done something more constructive with my time.  With relapses hanging over me like a permanent sword of Damocles, I’m right out of the thinking and planning forward habit.

However, having said that, the biggest problem I have with my time is that I am subject to the necessary routines of others which totally works against constructive use of my own time – bet all you dependee’s out there are feeling me, yes?  Whose time matters least?  Go me.  Whose time matters not at all?  Yep.  That’s mine again.  No pity party.  That’s the facts.  But it doesn’t help me get anything done to my own scheduling.  Just have to keep working on it.

Though, this year, my attempts at time management have been decimated by an unbelievable, and abnormal, number of breakdowns in essential equipment.  I have wasted so much time trying to get stuff working and it is so incredibly boring.  I am at it again right now with my fourth hoist problem in the past eight months.  What with that and the seven months on the lift, just kill me now. Oh, bad taste joke I know, but really …

Anyways, that’s it for this year.  I do have pending ‘issues’ with the skin cancer and other minor niggles but, hey, I’m gonna let those slide for now and enjoy my memories of 2013: the year that not a lot happened with my health.  Only in a world like mine would that be worthy of comment!

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