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My iPad Has A Monkey Tail

Monkey Tail Stand on Stiletto Wheels Blog

Monkey Tail Stand for the iPad

Sadly, this year has started much like the old ended with yet more of my money heading straight into someone else’s bank account but, rather than whine on about my equipment woes, I’m going with the happy …

I have a Monkey Tail for my iPad … and it is brilliant.

Suffering with neck problems from looking down, you may remember a while back, I bought a rather funky looking stand for my iPad from Meru.  It’s the cutest thing ever but it has to be fixed – velcro’d or screwed – to something to use and that just doesn’t work for me as I shift from room to room and surface to surface with my toys, propping them on anything – often pillows and cushions – as I go.

My stand needs to be portable and capable of working on any old level(ish) surface and, with thanks to D who spotted it in Selfridges, the Monkey tail fits the bill.

As you can see from the picture, it is a bendy rubber tube that attaches to the back of your iPad – yes, like a tail – with suction which may be twisted to support the iPad to the right level anywhere you care to put it.  The tail is about 60cm long so lots of scope to play with it and, once attached, you are still able to swivel and/or tilt the iPad itself to get the screen in just the right place.

I love it.  Cannot recommend it highly enough for those of us with neck issues or hand dexterity problems in holding things.  They’re sold on Amazon,£59.99, but are ten pounds cheaper in Selfridges – can you believe that?  And, don’t worry, my cute Meru stand is going to my physio who will use it in her new clinic or pass it on to someone who needs it.  Anyone else with me in Monkey Tail love?

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