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Berners Tavern

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Berners Tavern, main restaurant

Is it too late to still be posting about my New Year’s Day socialising? I’m guessing not when my intent is to say how brilliantly accessible the Berners Tavern is for us wheelchair users … oh, and what an absolutely gorgeous place it is.

We went across there for New Years Day brunch so not the busiest day of the year as most people are sleeping off their hangovers.  That’s great for us as we had a clear drive in, D dropped me off outside the Edition hotel on Berners Street, parked on a meter and in we went.

Yay, a result.  It was totally level wheeling from the street, through reception into the most gloriously over the top stucco/rococco glam dining room.  Dontcha’ just love when that happens?  So many times, we, wheelies, are promised good access and don’t get it for, oh, a ton of reasons.  This was the real deal.  Great access, beautiful room with loads of space to wheel about in.  Fabulous. An instant mood lightener.

The food was so-so.  Reasonable brunch without anything special happening.  Maybe it would be better in the evening (we ate at around 3.30-4.00pm).  But the room … it is gorgeous and the more so as dark fell, the lights came on and the buzz picked up. The hotel bar was pretty welcoming too – we, er, sheltered there waiting for rain to pass!

We will definitely try it again and probably in the evening but if you’re a wheelchair user, out and about in Central London, looking for drinks, something to eat or a place to hook up with friends, Berners Tavern would be a great place to drop into.

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