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Jane McCormick: Self Portrait with Borrowed Smile

Jane McCormick: Self Portrait with Borrowed Smile

Jane McCormick: Self Portrait with Borrowed Smile

I really love this Self Portrait with Borrowed Smile by Jane McCormick, seen at Disability Arts Online:

I used to be a smiley person but years of chronic pain and its sidekicks depression and fatigue have taking its toll on my smile reflex.

I find it quite an effort to smile at times so I borrowed this smile from a magazine, took a photo of myself with my ipad and so my ‘sick selfie’ series was born.

I was delighted when this image won an award in the Irish Times photography competition in November 2013.

I also love Disability Arts Online.  If you are an artist with a disability and/or interested in art, take a look at what they do:

Dao’s vision is to achieve widespread appreciation for the richness and diversity of disability arts and culture.

We aim to do this by transforming and enriching arts and culture through nurturing creativity and discourse from a disability perspective.

We are bold and fearless in instigating intelligent debate to support the development of disability arts and culture.

We are a portal into the world of disability arts and a hub that connects people in a strong and vibrant creative community.

We nurture and showcase talent, provide information and create opportunities for disabled artists through innovative partnerships. 

We are an empowering disability-led organisation with 83% of the board and 95% of our writers identifying as disabled people.

We regularly attract over 12,000 pageviews every month.

We have a growing international reach including readers in Australia, Korea, India, the United States and Europe

Power to the Positive Energy of Creative People.

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