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Cecconi’s Restaurant

Cecconi's Restaurant, Mayfair, London

Cecconi’s Restaurant, Mayfair, London

This was not how my weekend was supposed to go … I had tickets for the Anselm Kiefer at The Royal Academy (RA), a parking space booked in their courtyard and a table booked at Cecconi’s for an after-the-exhibition supper.

Sadly, I’m relapsing.  Aargh! Too soon.  It’s only been five months since the last hospital treatment. I have to wait six months at least before they will give me more.

Worse, I will be deteriorating over my birthday – probably really badly and I’m so p’ed off because I have already booked the restaurant that I really want to go to and it was hard getting a booking and it will be no fun at all if my face and eyes are all screwed up and I can’t pick up knives, forks or glasses of champagne cos my hands and arms don’t work!

More bad news is that it may well affect Christmas and I always feel even worse when my illness inconveniences everyone else and spoils what should be a relaxing time by causing everyone – me and D included – angst over whether I will/will not be able to do stuff.

Anyway, that’s all uncontrollable future stuff which will depend on how the relapse goes, where it hits me and how soon the hospital is able to treat me.

I’ll worry about it another day and, on the plus side, most people don’t like going to hospital close to Christmas so it’s often the best time for us regulars to get in.

Whatever, I’ll cope.

Getting back to now, my immediate problem is feeling like crap, losing sensation and movement all over but especially in my right hand and arm plus my – not very good at best – visual perception is shot to hell again.

All of these, along with decreasing daylight hours and bad weather, are giving me in/out problems with the car and traversing issues over unknown terrain.  Crap, crap, crap.

So, last weekend.  Felt like crap.  Got up late.  Too late for the Anselm Kiefer so missed that.

Decided to go to Cecconi’s as had no food. It was that or a takeaway.

Gritted teeth, resolved to pull up big girl panties and get out of the house and enjoy a nice meal out.

Had nightmare getting in car.  Hit frame.  Nearly broke little finger.  Sat in shock, trying not to cry like a baby, as I absorbed how much worse I’d got in just a week or two.

Got to the West End as light was falling to discover all parking bays close to Cecconi’s were suspended.  Great.

Ok, I’ve bored myself with whining now so, winding that right up, suffice to say, pavements were a ‘mare but Cecconi’s was great.

Brilliant access with all level floors.  The staff created good space for my wheelchair. Everyone was uber-friendly.  Loved the food.  Turned out that I was in the mood for Italian.

I had a fabulous pumpkin and Gorgonzola risotto.  D chose the lobster with spaghetti.  We added some courgette frites, calamari, bellinis and so on.  It was about £50 per head.  Good times.  So glad I went.

My only reservation was how busy and buzzy it was.  We went at an off-peak time but at its’ busiest, they might struggle for space and I think it’d be noisy tho’ sometimes that’s fun. I’d definitely go back.

Cecconi’s, Mayfair, London.

Guess I’ll have to rebook the Anselm Kiefer … maybe go over Xmas period, after my next treatment.

So, from bad to good and now, more weeks of relapse.  I’m depressed again.

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