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The Raw Beauty Project

Wendy Crawford, Raw Beauty Project, mobileWomen

Wendy Crawford, Raw Beauty Project, mobileWomen

Sixteen years of rolling my heels on wheels and still I am surprised – occasionally and pleasantly – by a really upbeat project normalising women and disability.

It shouldn’t be so, should it? But the overwhelming negativity about ‘normal’ disability in our society remains so pervasive that, with those of us affected by this negativity being always a minority, our disabilities so disparate, our resources often fragile and, physically, our presence being scattered about the, for many, unwelcoming globe, it is incredibly difficult to present a cohesive, well-supported, relevant, alternative – positive – view.

But there are those able and willing to try – yay! I support them every inch of the way.

If you are with me on this and think the photo, above, of Wendy Crawford, from mobileWomen, is beautiful, you might like to click across to Huff Post to see more and read Stunning Photos of Women With Disabilities …

Maybe then, take a look at The Raw Beauty Project  where you can see how some women live their lives on wheels, with illness and/or disability, just like everyone else.  Sometimes beautiful, sometimes not but normal life in all its’ forms of – conventional or not – glory.

Last but not least, watch the short YouTube video below and hear some of the participants talk about the whys and hows of their involvement.

Brilliant.  This is my kind of campaign … is it in the UK?  Should it be?

Do follow, share, spread the fabulousness as I am doing too.

Go, Girls. I’m wheeling along behind you … just a lot slower and a little less glam …



2 Responses to “The Raw Beauty Project”

  1. Andrea Blankmeyer

    This is an inspiring story – thank you for sharing!

    I think what you’re doing on this blog is amazing. I wanted to reach out because I’m part of a group of students at Harvard Business School who are launching a medical accessories company. Our aim is to infuse dignity into the patient experience by designing medical products that are both functional AND design-focused for patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities. To that effect, we’ve published an opinion piece on OpEd space here: http://opedspace.com/2015/04/23/how-companies-are-giving-patients-back-their-dignity/.

    You can see our website at blackpebblemedical.com for an introduction to our first product, a bag for carrying self-catheterization supplies.

    We are so inspired by your blog and your work, and would be honored with an opportunity to connect with you and get your advice on how to spread the word about our product and mission. Please let me know if you would be willing to chat.

    Thank you!


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