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Federer beats Murray, O2 Arena

Murray Federer Atp 2014

Heavyweight battle: Andy Murray takes on Roger Federer. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

I saw Roger Federer beat Andy Murray, in the season-ending 2014 Masters ATP World Tour Finals, last night at the O2 Arena.  Beat? Well, thrash more like.

Fifty five minutes for the entire match and saved from the humiliating double bagel by just one game – 6-0, 6-1 – not sure the one game made it much less humiliating.

And we got there fifteen minutes late – missing the first 5 games of the first set!

What a nightmare the O2 is to get to from West London.

It’s a mere 17 miles in distance but in time?  One and a half hours it took then, just as we were approaching the centre, our internet connection failed, our instructions and maps blanked and we shot past the turn off.

Exactly the same thing happened to us last time we came here.

We had to exit, turn around and renegotiate the labyrinthian roads … again.

So we were late … again!  Grrr.

It was dark, cold and windy so the wheelchair journey from car park to arena was another torture, not helped by my current relapse and consequent plank-of-wood hand control.  Even the smooth paved areas saw me zig-zag across as if I were on wobbly skates not wheels – all down to the non-existent sensation in my rubbish right hand.

Once inside, it was all smooth surfaces, accessible doors and great lifts.  No problem.

Two hours and twenty minutes after exiting our drive, we were inside watching the tennis – all forty minutes that were left of it.

Another hour and thirty minutes to get home … almost four hours of total travel time. Forty minutes of tennis and one Roger Federer interview.

Was it worth it?

Oh, yes.

It might have been brief but it was a real once in a lifetime must-do experience.

I love tennis.  I used to play amateurishly well.  Have been an avid watcher all my life.

Federer is a tennis genius.

Unmissable to see him play.

Though the O2 Arena is unlikely to see us again any time soon as, in my current physical condition, I can’t think of anyone else I’d spend four hours travel time to see for so little time and still think it a good experience.

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