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Wild Tales at The Gate

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Okay, I’m done with The Whitechapel: two Saturdays afternoons and one evening I’ve wasted trying to get across to see the Adventures of the Black Square.  Fail, fail, fail.

It’s about eight miles across London for me – no distance at all but the traffic, lack of parking and hassle are just too much.  There may be level access from the street to the Gallery but there is rubbish access all around it.  Getting there after two sweaty traffic hours, there was no close-by parking, no easy drop off points, nightmare pavements. jammed up roads – nightmare.

There’s not an exhibition on the planet that is worth four hours travel and total parking grief for one hours’ pleasure.  So, I’m waving goodbye to the unseen Adventurous Black Squares which ends next week and moving on … which is a shame as I used to love going to The Whitechapel.

Fortunately, I had better success at The Gate Cinema in Notting Hill where I saw an hilarious film, Wild Tales, yesterday afternoon.

My Gate visit started well with easy online booking – love that.  And, I do vaguely remember going to The Gate in my manual wheelchair, many years ago – this was my first visit in my Balder (power wheelchair) – so I thought access would be okay.  And, it was a dream.  Drop off right outside, D found quick and easy disabled parking round the corner; level access, decent wheelchair space.  Really, no complaints at all.

The Gate may not be as much fun on a Saturday evening – when I used to go – as Notting Hill and the cinema tend to be very busy then which is why I stopped going there.  This time, we went to the early Sunday afternoon performance, maybe we were lucky with the – mostly absent – traffic and it is half term so, perhaps, Notting Hill has emptied out due to the holiday exodus but it was such a delightful breeze.  You can probably tell, by how thrilled I am, that this, so often, is not the case.

The film, Wild Tales, was really good too – an Argentinian, very Almodovar-ish, sequence of urbanites going through common nightmare scenarios with some [melo]dramatic licence.  Laugh out loud funny.

I think I will be going there again.

Note: there are no wheelchair access disabled toilets.


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