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The Colony Grill Room

The Colony Grill Room

The Colony Grill Room

Late lunches are a Bank Holiday ‘thing’, aren’t they?  They certainly are for me.

There’s little I enjoy more on a Bank Holiday Sunday than getting up at a leisurely pace, driving through almost empty London Streets and arriving for lunch somewhere with a nice relaxing vibe and brilliant wheelchair access.

Hello, The Colony Grill Room, Easter Sunday.

Nestled inside The Beaumont Hotel, The Colony Grill Room is pretty much all you’d expect with great wheelchair access.

The exterior of the hotel is all level, the doormen sorted parking for our car, front door to restaurant to table is level, so, no problem at all.  We were seated on the lower of two levels and, note, the upper level of the restaurant is up some stairs.  I didn’t find this a problem as the lower level suited us just fine and there were tables for up to 6 people close by – we were scoping out the access as somewhere to go for an upcoming meal.

The decor inside is very American diner with an art-deco and 50’s retro vibe – low lights, relaxed and comfortable.

From the Weekend Brunch menu, I had the chicken pot pie and D the liver and bacon, both really very nice – though the chicken pie was huge and D ate half of that too.  Then I had a banana split: cue girly *squeee’s*.  I love banana splits and it’s been literally years since I had one and this was … big!  Nuts, cream, ice-cream and a banana too.  None to share – I’m embarrassed to say.  Yummylicious bliss.  D had an apple pie and ice-cream.  He liked it.

Anyway, it was all great and a Bank Holiday joy.  Recommended, wheelchair user or not.

We spent c.£100 including drinks, coffees and food for two.


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