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The Grain Store, Granary Square

The Grain Store, Granary Square

The Grain Store, Granary Square

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat that’s casual, busy, fun and veggie-oriented, you might enjoy a visit to The Grain Store near Kings Cross.

Me and D recently went across there one early Saturday evening, 6.30-7pm, after seeing an exhibition at The Wellcome Institute.

As we followed the satnav directions to the area behind Kings Cross and opposite Kings Place where, despite the redevelopment, it’s all a bit hilly for me in my power wheelchair, I wasn’t feeling happy when the satnav told us to park and walk the rest of the way. I like to see my destination before braving new ground.

We did park up and D popped out to see exactly where we needed to go … and lucky he did. Saved me from the ‘trial by wheelchair’ route to the restaurant as the staff kindly directed us to their service road and parking bay, just lovely and level metres from their entrance. Blue badge holders are able to park there for a couple of hours – plenty of time to eat. Let them know when you book and, if it’s free, you can use it. Result.

As were both place and food.

The Grain Store has a nice open warehouse vibe going on and it’s all completely accessible (no idea about toilets because I never use them when I’m out, it’s too much hassle).

Their philosophy toward food is simple, I quote:

Grain Store is an innovative and sustainable restaurant and bar by celebrated chef Bruno Loubet, drinks pioneer Tony Conigliaro and the Zetter Group. The restaurant is located on Granary Square at the heart of London’s most exciting new quarter, King’s Cross.

There are no geographical boundaries to the influences that have inspired our eclectic menu; they are a culmination of Bruno Loubet’s extensive travels and the years he has dedicated to his beloved vegetable patch. Although many dishes have a meat or fish element, vegetables are given equal billing, if not the starring role. Fermented, sprouting, pickled and smoked ingredients feature alongside the fresh and the seasonal. Flavour above all else is king.

It was great. We both really enjoyed everything we ate – D so much that he went back with some business colleagues a couple of weeks later. A few months on, I am still having fond memories of a brilliant mushroom and celeriac scotch egg and some truly delicious quail.

If you’re into the look of your food – and I am – it was beautifully presented with lots of colour and texture. Yummy and it didn’t break the bank.

Fab, buzzy restaurant, gorgeous place and easily wheelchair accessible. Wheelie foodie nirvana. I think a summer visit might be in order.

Thoroughly recommended.

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