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Charlotte’s W5, Ealing

Charlotte's W5, Ealing

Charlotte’s W5, Ealing

Woo-hoo, finally, a really nice wheelchair accessible restaurant in my neighbourhood: Charlotte’s W5.

Ealing is an odd area for eating out as it is teeming with fast-food joints, branches of well-known high street eateries and coffee bars which serve a purpose but aren’t a lot of fun if you want to meet up, eat well and chat. Too much processed food, cramming-in of uncomfortable seating areas and a lot of loud churn going on.

Maybe that will happen to Charlotte’s W5 too but I hope not.

Recently opened, Charlotte’s W5 is in a reasonably quiet courtyard just off the high street, adjacent to a block of those executive apartments that are being thrown up everywhere right now.

In a wheelchair, you can be dropped off inside the courtyard – there’s an automated bollard entrance so mention your need when booking – though you’ll need to park your car outside in a car park or on the road.

The building is converted from something old – warehouse, stables, whatever – and it’s completely level access (tho’ bit of a bump at the entrance) with enough space inside for easy wheeling.

The restaurant has a nice airy industrial feel with big windows and lots of light. The tables were for two and pushed together for bigger parties but each had a central support which meant I had to sit slightly off-centre to get my footplates under but no big deal.

There was enough space around that we could hear each other speak – I like that in a restaurant – and the service was prompt and not too intrusive. There is a table turn time of just under two hours at peak periods which I generally hate but does work if service/kitchen are on it and they were the evening I went.

The food was great. They do three sizes in most dishes so plates can be shared – we had a couple of salads and a mix of four large plates to share which was loads, plus a few desserts. It’s not haute cuisine obviously but definitely much better than the average Ealing offering. We spent just under £50 per head including champagne cocktails, wine, coffee etc..

Waiting to get picked up in the courtyard, it was impossible not to notice how brilliant eating outside will be at Charlotte’s W5 in the summer.

Great addition to my local area. I’d definitely recommend it.

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