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EFG London Jazz Festival 2016

EFG London Jazz Festival 2016: St Germain, live at the Royal Festival Hall

EFG London Jazz Festival 2016: St Germain, live at the Royal Festival Hall

The EFG London Jazz Festival is one of my favourite annual events – I’ve been going since it started, as a non-wheelchair and wheelchair user.

If you love live music covering every aspect of sounds that might be defined as jazz – from soul to classical, house and rap with artists, old and young, big names and beginners, I urge you check out the event listings – highlights from Jazzwise and follow the link to the full EFG schedule.

We’re about halfway though the 2016 schedule on which there are over 2,000 events, in over 300 different venues, many of them with great wheelchair access.

This year, we’ve only had calendar dates to see three concerts but, honestly, would be able to go every night with more time available.

So far, the opening night was a fun and varied night of big band, soul and some interesting technical stuff plus a multi-artist tribute to Prince at the end – a  poignant reminder of past brilliance.

St German, last Saturday, were brilliant, in the most unlikely space of the Royal Festival Hall. Best concert of my year  by a mile. Rushed off and bought the albums that we didn’t have. So good that  it reminded you of all the reasons live music is so much more satisfying than just listening to the downloads or CD’s. Loved it.

We have one more concert to attend – a classical/jazz hybrid – and then, it will be done for us this year. Sad.

Meantime, I urge you again: EFG London Jazz Festival 2016. Buy some tickets before it’s all over and wheel on down to the venue of your choice.



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