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Care Concern

Care Concern: Homecare

Care Concern: Homecare

I’ve been using Care Concern, a care agency based in the Chiswick/Ealing area of London, for my personal care at home for about fifteen years and they’ve just been awarded – based on a September 2016 review – an overall ‘Outstanding’ classification by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

They’re all pretty thrilled about it as they’re the first independent company to be given this, highest, level of award by the CQC: a classification granted to less than 1% of homecare companies reviewed by the CQC.

As you might imagine, given the length of time I’ve been with them, I don’t have vast amounts of comparative experience but, from commencement, Care Concern were better in every way than the couple of other agencies I had used previously.

It might be because they only deal with private clients – the massive social service contracts do seem to add extra stress and chaos to an operation – or because they have stayed relatively local but, unfailingly, they’ve provided excellent care and carers.

When things go awry, as they inevitably will on occasion when weather, transport, Carer/client crises slam across carefully planned schedules, the staff at Care Concern do their utmost to ensure the gaps are plugged. When a Carer is delayed or, gods forbid, can’t make it suddenly, there’s none of the: ‘oh, how awful, what will you do?’ Just a lot of: ‘We can do this or that. Will that work for you?’

I could drone on about Care Concern – great quality care, friendly carers, their commitment to training and retaining staff which is reflected in the low turnover of the carers employed, helpful on the end of a phone or by email, yada yada…

Suffice to say a big Congratulations 🎉

Anyone reading this, needing carers for themselves or a relative, living in West London, could do worse than to get in touch with them: Care Concern, setting standards in home care.


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