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What Chronic Illness Looks Like Behind Closed Doors

Amani Omejer: What Chronic Illness Looks Like Behind Closed Doors

Amani Omejer: What Chronic Illness Looks Like Behind Closed Doors

Today, I read a great item in Huffington Post, written, and illustration, by Amani Omejer: What Chronic Illness Looks Like Behind Closed Doors. Do click the link across and read the whole piece – it’s funny and focussed, well worth your time.

I was hooked from the opening paragraph:

Living with chronic illness is lonely as fuck. I spend so much time on my own — more time than I ever expected to spend on my own, or have ever wanted to. There is so, so, much of my life that people don’t see. I share parts of it — through social media, my writing and cartoons, and in person with friends — but there is a tonne of stuff that I don’t share, but yearn to everyday…

Actually, I don’t yearn to share because I find it too damn dull droning on constantly about my own situation but, you know, each to their own way of coping with all the baggage chronic illness comes with. And, I do agree that it’s important to find a mechanism to let the angst out piecemeal rather than bottle it up to exploding point.

Writing seems to provide that release for Amani as it does for me – better to bang on a keyboard that shout at everyone around you.

Engaged with Amani’s writing, I clicked across to the Amani Omejer’s website and what a treat that was.

I love her cartoons: this, below, is on her website front page:

Amani Omejer

Amani Omejer

There is more to explore so I encourage you to look for yourself by clicking any of the links above.

Enjoy, if that’s the write right word, and empathise with another who lives life, like so many of us, with a chronic illness.

Happy reading,

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