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Restaurant: Zheng Chelsea

Street view of Zheng Chelsea 4 Sydney Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 6PP 020 7352 9890/0957

Street view of Zheng Chelsea

The image, above, is not a great snap of Zheng Chelsea’s exterior on Sydney Street in SW3, London. I apologise for that but it is making a point.

Not just the point about the abysmal photography, our bad, but the second problem, for me: steps.

Too many steps for a wheelchair user.

“Sad Face”

I’d read such good reviews about Zheng Chelsea, a restaurant, (quoting from their website):

… combining eclectic flavours and spices — the finest that Asia can offer. Many of our dishes represent what is known as Malaysian Cuisine, supplemented with speciality dishes from other parts of Asia.

So, driving towards home in the early evening last week, we thought we’d swing by.

I was worried about wheelchair access as I know this area of London well and access is often a problem in the older buildings that are prolific there. I’d never normally risk an impromptu drop-in but it was on the way home. No harm done if we suffered an access fail.

On arrival, we saw the steps and could do nothing but laugh. With steps like that, there’s pretty much no hope of entry but D got out and asked as there are some sliding lifts that may be masked by these kind of steps or, sometimes, an alternate entrance.

Neither were available here but, yay, take away was immediately offered and gleefully accepted.

Fifteen minutes later, we were at home tucking into a few Zheng specials, including satay skewers, crispy cereal king prawn and fried boneless chicken. With coconut rice and some yummy vegetables, it was a cut above our usual Chinese takeaway and totally delicious.

Whether they’d have been so accommodating with the wheelchair special takeaway on a busier night, who knows? I’d like to think so as they were so nice and forthcoming with the solution for us.

In an ideal world, wheelchair access would be a legal requirement for any commercial venture but I am not in favour of levelling historic buildings to achieve this, though my sympathy dissipates if huge renovations to old and historic buildings do not include access.

I could see that Zheng’s premises were not easily adaptable; access would have been a huge cost and planning difficulty for a new business; and, I know that the site was an existing restaurant prior to Zheng’s recent arrival. On this occasion, the takeaway was an acceptable compromise for me.

It’s disappointing not to be able to return for a happily social meal with foodie friends but, hey, we’re in London. There are many other places to go … and it’s always great to find a good takeaway, isn’t it? 😉

Zheng Chelsea
4 Sydney Street, Chelsea,
London, SW3 6PP
020 7352 9890/0957

Image courtesy: Zheng Chelsea 4 Sydney Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 6PP 020 7352 9890/0957

Image courtesy: Zheng Chelsea
4 Sydney Street, Chelsea,
London, SW3 6PP
020 7352 9890/0957

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