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Rundholz Winter 2017/18: The Perfect Jumper For A Wheelchair User?

Rundholz Winter 2017/18: The Perfect Jumper For A Wheelchair User?

Rundholz Winter 2017/18: The Perfect Jumper For A Wheelchair User?

For this wheelchair user, these two tunic tops, above, from the Rundholz Winter 207/18 collection, coming into stores right now – yes, it’s July, I know – are perfect winter wear.

Cotton backs so no problem with the back and thigh seat-heat that we powerchair users are subject to.

Cosy woolly fronts to insulate the parts that do get cold.

Good length to cover the parts we want to keep covered – no gaping thighs here, please.

Easy to slip on and off.

Possibly a little pricey at £254 (red), £255 (blue) but, hey, I’ve got woolies over a decade old so I think we might call it ‘investment’ dressing, right?

BUT, there’s no black.

Sadly, that means my cash is staying in my bank account for the moment … though I might be tempted by the blue, just not this early in the year. When it’s chillier, I may be less fussy.

Should you not insist on channeling the Stygian uniform of the ageing hipster, I’d recommend these tops as my version of useful adaptive wear for the wheelchair user.

Sadly, most of the product offer available under the ‘adaptive’ label remains a nightmare black hole of no style or ancient crone style – neither of which look good on me, nor you, I’d bet.

For those of us trying for wheel-style and able to rock the mainstream, maybe try a little Rundholz, it works for me 💋

Reommended online stockists of Rundholz are:

Walkers of Pottergate (UK) – biggest U.K. Rundholz stockist, my go-to store, with both tunics in stock

I Dare To Be (UK) – red tunic only

Select Mode Online (German) – not there yet but new stock being listed daily

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